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Adhisayam ( meaning "Miracle", "Wonderful" in Indian language) is found with an inspiration of "It is too Wonderful" (Judges 13 chapter). We are a TV channel based out of Chennai, India. Currently, we have programs relayed mostly in Tamil and few in English.

Having started off well in Tamil and our programs reaching to international audience through global TV networks, we see our vision of reaching the world from one end to another end taking shape . As we continue to walk with God and continue the TV ministry, we greatly hope God would make this channel grow a blessing and empower the viewers to be blessing themselves.

Founder : Pr. Siromani Gnanaraj
Program Co.ordinator : Mrs. Sundari

Pr. Siromani and Mrs. Sundari are a wonderful couple brought together by God and being used for His Kingdom. They had burden for northern part of India in the early part of their ministry life. They did their ministry there.
Later,they were part of Angel TV and had the understanding of the nuances of making and delivering TV programs. Our God prepares His children for a time and then uses them for what He had prepared them for.

Both Pr. Siromani and Sis. Sundari had burden for souls and were inspired to do TV ministry. Their earlier experience in TV network coupled with their ministry experience was greatly useful in they starting Adhisayam TV and doing programs which are a blessing for viewers

Our Vision

Reaching the World from One End to the other with the Knowledge of Truth through The Gospel of The Kingdom of God.

Our Mission

Reaching all People Groups of the World by all means of Digital & Social Media
to make Known The Truth and to Edify and to Empower them
to Experience The Kingdom Of God.

Our Values

  • Kingdom Minded
  • Christ Centered
  • Spirit - Led
  • People Oriented - Love & Passion for People
  • Global Team Work / Global Network
  • Integrity
  • Excellence